The Hong Kong Society of Orthodontists is the official organization for orthodontic specialists practicing in Hong Kong. We believe that Orthodontics is an important and integral part of oral health and total health. Our mission is to ensure the continual improvement of clinical orthodontic care provided by the society's members, to provide the public with easy access to dental health information related to Orthodontics and to liaise and cooperate with other official dental organizations towards goals for the benefits of the general public.

Description of Orthodontics

Orthodontics can be described as the dental discipline that deals with the prevention and the correction of problems developed during the growth of the orofacial complex. Such problems may include facial, skeletal and occlusal discrepancies.

The scope of the discipline is broad but can be outlined by the following:

  1. To improvefacial and dental esthetics.
  2. To correct occlusal discrepancies such as protruded incisors, crowding and cross bite etc.
  3. To correct malposed teeth or to redistribute space in the dental arch before other dental procedures (such as crowns and bridges, denture fabrication or periodontal treatment).
  4. To correct skeletal and facial disproportion through the use functional appliance treatment or through combined surgical/orthodontic procedures.
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