A number of websites are offering the public the opportunity to straighten their teeth themselves, by the use of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) treatment at home by use of selfie pictures and at-home impression kits or visits to scan centers. The HKSO is concerned for the following reasons:

1) A full clinical examination by a Hong Kong registered Specialist in Orthodontics is necessary to decide if orthodontic treatment (moving teeth) is in the best interests of the individual. Any underlying dental disease not detected prior to orthodontic treatment can result in a compromised result, or in worst case, permanent damage or loss of your teeth.

2) DIY orthodontic treatment will refer to utilizing the expertise of a ‘trained dental professional’ or ‘licensed orthodontist’- it is important for patients to ask questions about the qualifications of the proposed ‘dental professional’ / ‘licensed orthodontist’ and to ensure that they are on the List of Specialist Registration (Orthodontics) of the Dental Council of Hong Kong.

3) There are a number of types of orthodontic appliances available with different advantages and risks, and patient should be fully aware of those considerations and understand the risks of treatment.

4) No two patients are alike and HKSO strongly advises patients to visit a Specialist in Orthodontics for a consultation prior to undertaking any orthodontic treatment.

The HKSO strongly advises the public not to undertake do-it-yourself at home orthodontic treatments due to the health and financial risks associated with unsupervised, self-administered orthodontics.


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